Porsche 944 Turbo – Fast Blast Review– Everyday Driver


The guys climb into a tuned 944 Turbo to kick off our new simpler-faster review series called “Fast Blasts”. As usual we enjoy some great mountain roads and talk about 944s in general as well as the changes this owner has done.
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  1. I am following the $500 944 rebuild on a budget. WatchJRGO and probably why this video came up. Engine in the front and transmission in the back. Porsche designers wanted a balanced car and a great track car base to start with. 400 whp and stripped of weight for racing still makes it competitive.

  2. I always loved that style of porsche! In the early 80s that was one of my favorite car. And still looks beautiful even today!😎👍

  3. ive had 3 944's there fun cars but high maintanence, can you guys do a review on a 2013 porsche boxster and a 1995 bmw 850ci

  4. The 944 and 968 were up on price and down on power compared to the competition of the era yet it's the one I would have based on all the reviews I have read over the years as well as based on the styling. I must have really drank the Porsche Cool Aid I guess.
    Great video.

  5. Best Porsche ever made. The Porsche 944 was Porsche at its peak. Everything else was downhill from there. This one could be improved with a Chevorlet V8, Honda, or Toyota V6 engine swap.

  6. This video is one of the reasons why I started to like the 944, which eventually lead me into buying one a couple months ago- a 1986 Turbo. I really enjoy the car and am making videos about it, so I have you guys to thank.

  7. Ooh that's a pretty one. Looks like it has an European-style front bumper and US-style rear bumper. Do all Turbos have that?
    As for "everything's mechanical" — I'm not sure about the Turbos but the Type 2 (known as the '85 and a half in the US if I'm not mistaken) has a lot of electrical stuff aboard and some of it will be broken. In my case, it was the sensor for the speedometer / odometer, the radio, one of the directions of the mirror adjusting knob and one of the motors for the sunroof. The pre-85 944 was much closer to the 924 tech-wise and allegedly is much more rugged as a result. The downside of that one is that the odometer only has five digits, so people sell them as having driven '50-something k' while it could be many times that figure.
    My own 944 had the bodywork of a U.S. type 2, the chassis number for an European Type 1 and maybe 120 hp left. Still, I can confirm it liked to go quick. Around the common speed limit here (100kph) it felt clunky and rattly and squirmy… the bits I could get away doing 140kph were butter-smooth bliss in comparison.

  8. Such a great car. I’ve own mine for 3.5 years now. And enjoy every drive. It’s very underrated but the best valuable Porsche at this time. Especially the 3.0 S2. I’ve uploaded a little video about mine recently

  9. I took european delivery of a 1986 944Turbo in August/1986 and it was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING ! This video brings back so many memories and what an amazing Porsche !! Never got the accolades that it deserved…..but for us owners, it was lightyears ahead of the front-engined competition !!
    First time I have visited (or rather discovered) EverydayDriver, but am now subscribed !!

  10. I never got to drive a turbo one very hard, but the NA ones I think I would agree on excessive swaying and the steering leaving it feeling a bit numb.

    It's been a year and a half or more since last time I drove one, but it seems like they make my brz look eager to whip you around the corners, whereas the 944's will do it to about as well if you really insist on it, they just don't beg for it like a brz/911/similar.

  11. A WIDE “924”!! 😝

    well MAYBE one of those Bugatti’s…. but I would be scared to drive it

  12. I had a 944 Turbo. Platinum with the turbo logo on the top of the fender on the hood. Cream leather seats. A wonderful car to drive..

  13. Nice car to enjoy driving.I own other Porsches my self.but I still have my 944.and from all. I think my 944 is my favorite.

  14. Bought a 944 Turbo new in '87. Alpine white/burgundy leather and white BBS wheels. It was a great car. I wish I had known the Turbo S was coming out in '88 though. I would have waited even if it only came in 2 colors to the US.

  15. I own one and absolutely love it. Does it need work and attention? Yes. For what it was and where it fits in today, it is still a pleasure, pus you do not see yourself at the light or parking lot, which is another reason not love it! The free added benefit very few Porsche 911 owers will ever admit, is that have been beaten by a 951! That was more than enough pleasure to keep loving the 951! Read the history books..it is all there if you dig!

  16. I had a 1986 Porsche 951(944 turbo) bought with 78k miles owned it for 16 years sold it in 2007 with 232k miles. Virtually problem free. Tires, brakes, timing belt coil overs that’s it. Original Clutch. Paid $9500 for it drove it forever and did it for $7800. I did chip it when it had around 150k miles and it was much better. Weltomaster chip good for 280hp they claim. I really Wish all the time I would have kept that car. I look around for nice ones but, their all Beat to shit or Over priced. Like $16k.
    I have such Great memories in that car. I drove that car everyday except in Snow. That Porsche outlasted two marriages hahaha. Don’t make them like that anymore.

  17. As an owner of a 1987 944S and a 1994 968, I can say these cars are fantastic. Maintenance costs can get pricey but well worth it.

  18. I remember these cars when I was a teen…Pricey.
    the turbo s was 50K….in 89. the base models were underpowered.
    Nice looking cars, though.

  19. Great car, silly guys – one say one thing , he other the complete opposite – are they in the same car ? The (power)steering is from the eighties, if you want road feeling, the manual is super tight. BUT hey are both dialed in the same way, so you don't flip it going really fast on the autobahn..

  20. I have an 85 928 5/speed with a lot of upgrades, I do track it. Let me know if you would like to review it.
    It’s a real blast to drive

  21. I live in Utah and am looking at a 944 on KSL. my current car is a Corolla and I want something fun and initially cheap(the one I'm looking at is about 4-5 grand). I realize parts are expensive but do y'all think it would be a good car to work with and (ideally) daily?

  22. Well, not bad, really. @pmcbrier: I have owned my s2 for over 2 decades-daily driver, 466.000 km. You can imagine how much I have invested in my ride…

  23. Totally underrated car ….never wanted one but brother convince me to buy one…ended up having 2 944S and a Turbo…both nice cars…sometimes I enjoy it more then the 911

  24. The car is dated, but some times classic dimensions are eternal. The 944 Porsche has those dimensions. BTW love the licenses plate "EvryDay" ;P

  25. These are now endorsed by Seinfeld,,,,,,watch the prices goes up! $8200 was a steal, one for $47k on Autotrader today.

  26. My dad had a Black 1987 944 Porsche in the late 90's. Always stuck with me how cool it was then. So, I knew what I had to have in High school. My first car was a Guards Red 1987 944 Porsche w/ over 44k orginal miles. Drove it daily for 5 years and into college. Then got a BMW 645ci and now a BMW 650i. Love my car now but STILL miss it time-to-time and will consider having a Black Turbo model one of these days..

  27. This is a fantastic review of the 944 Turbo and a great place to drive it. It's really spot on about how the car prefers going fast. The 944 has a ton of character. Also to note is the braking on the 944. It's excellent.


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