Predict Future XRP Price With Alphacat?


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  1. Xrp would hit 10$ without a doubt but it might fly higher and hit more than 10 or 15 dollars …..but my concerns is that how to know when to stop it if u stop it at 10$ and it hit 25$ or more like 50$ or 70$ so it is something that u can't predict …….

  2. XRP is also bullish on the short term. Earlier today, the coin experienced consolidation for few hours before the Bulls took control of the market. There was a sudden increase in the demand as the bulls increased their pressure and the coin rally rapidly to the north and this might be a fundamental effect on the market. The coin move to the higher level of resistance of $0.50 before the bears interrupted the uptrend movement and pushed the coin back to the support level of $0.46 which may serve as a retest before it resumes to the uptrend. if you have lost so much during fall or want to improve your portfolio, Reach Salvador Will on *Email/hangout salvadorwillcryptos @ g mail and thank me later

  3. I’m a long term holder but also thinking of learning trade trading. Gonna look into Alphacat. Thx for the great videos and keep up the good work!

  4. Hello C Ginger, very informative!! AI..crazy future, wow!! This whole crypto market is moving so fast now..seems like there's news every few hours anymore..nice for early investors!!!! ..Thank You!!!

  5. Super awesome video, keep them going – What's the most interesting thing you have bought with Bitcoin?
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    Come and join me at Wirex! Sign up, buy some crypto using your credit/debit card, and we'll both earn free Bitcoin!


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