Premier League Pub Quiz | Episode 6


Welcome back to the Premier League Pub Quiz! We have five rounds coming up…
Round 1 – Multiple choice – 5 points
Round 2 – Higher or lower – 5 points
Round 3 – Missing name round – 5 points
Round 4 – Say what you saw – 5 points
Round 5 Miscellaneous round – 14 points

Total 34 points

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  1. Mistakes are being frequent now.
    Only 8 players have scored 30 or 30+goals. Eventhough 9 times the feat have occured,Alan Shearer winning twice
    He is same player,not different player.

  2. Maths not your strong point hey? Those first guys celebrating got 14 week before last then 25 last week “that’s 9 points more” 😂😂😂😂

  3. I reckon you should a mega quiz in this order for Episode 10 please do it. Like so James Allcott can see this
    Round 1: Multiple Choice
    Round 2: Higher Or Lower
    Round 3: Missing Name Round
    Round 4: Say What You Saw
    Round 5: Who Am I
    Round 6: Connect The Dots
    Round 7: Miscellaneous
    Round 8: What Happens Next

  4. if I get first question of Higher or Lower wrong, but get the other four, is it 0 points or 4 points?

  5. Loving the quiz but there's at least three errors in this weeks episode…

    1.2 Shay Given > John O'Shea
    3.5 Graphic wrong – should be 2009/10 not 15/16
    4.4 Keane & Lowton not Tarkowski

  6. I played against my friend
    It was 3-2 in wins for me
    But my friend had 2 points more than me until last game some how I draw it and it was a tiebreaker I put number of my flet 128 and I win it

  7. Got 17 what a tough week and the players are Cole, Shearer, Phillips, Henry, Ronaldo, Van Persie, Suarez, Salah and Kane

  8. In Round 1, question 2, you asked which Irish player made the most appearances.
    According to the statistics on, Shay given has 451, whilst John O’Shea has 445.

    Answer is wrong!

  9. Episode 1 – 19/38

    Episode 2 – 31/38

    Episode 3 – 21/38

    Episode 4 – 22/38

    Episode 5 – 25/38
    Episode 6 – 18/34

  10. Team: Andrés Quarantiniesta

    – Quiz #1 – 11 points

    – Quiz #2 – 24 points

    – Quiz #3 – 15 points

    – Quiz #4 – 22 points

    – Quiz #5 – 13 points
    – Quiz #6 – 10 points (*sigh* / seriously!?!)

  11. My best ever score was in Episode 2 – I got 21/38. But today I beat my dad by 10 pts, scoring 17/34! Half marks! I will take that!


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