RAGE 2 – Ruckus the Crusher: Collector's Edition


Introducing the RAGE 2 Collector’s Edition!

This special Collector’s Edition of the game includes the mountable head of Ruckus the Crusher. Voiced by singer-songwriter Andrew W.K., this lovable half-dead mutant from the game will live on your wall or desk, singing songs and telling tales of his life on the wasteland – you know, before his head was cut off.

The Collector’s Edition also comes with RAGE 2, a steelbook case, a collector’s poster, an exclusive mission, and Wasteland Wizard cheat codes (we’ll be sharing more about those later). You’ll also have access to deluxe edition content, including in-game items like a monster truck, an armor set, and the BFG – yes, THAT BFG.

RAGE 2 arrives in Spring 2019. Visit RAGE.com now to pre-order!

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  1. Honestly would've preferred some statues or whatever is usually in these kind of things. That talking head is just really weird and something I would never want.

  2. You know what I would've spent $120 on? A Collector's Edition that came with a wingstick replica instead. Been wanting one since the original RAGE.

  3. Stick this collector's edition up your ass and fuck off! You're following in the footsteps of your master Bethesda. Won't by this game or any other game from any company associated with Bethesda in any way shape or form.

  4. So, the same people that hate with their guts this collector's edition are those who praise the ones from Redemption 2 (a plastic box painted red and a map, no game included of course) and Black Ops, (literally a pair of socks)… Okay.

  5. This is a prime example of exactly what all CE's should be like. Steelbook case, Deluxe Edition content plus extra digital goodies, decently sized physical item, and of course, the most important thing, THE GAME (lookin' at you, EA).


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