Remove Anything Automatically by Tricking the Content-Aware Fill in Photoshop


Automatically Remove, Replace, or Fill Any Area just by modifying the way we normally use the Content-Aware Fill. Learn how to make the Content-Aware Fill Analyze Samples from the areas that you want and accordingly create a replacement for the selecting area, hence removing the unwanted object or filling the space.

In this tutorial, we will learn not only the fundamentals of content-aware fill but also learn to modify the same. Also, we will be looking at some interesting features of smart objects. Hope this video helps you. Thanks for watching!

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1. Sample Image:

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  2. When I erased the first book letters it worked, but when I tried to erase the other two books letters it uses the colors from the first book (blue), what am I doing wrong?

  3. hey, love your videos. i am trying to help a friend with some picture of his. i need to rotate his glasses inside the photo and keep all the pixels. any chance we try to figure this out? i think its a challenge and even worth a youtube vid

  4. Like the way you explain…. Best is, you know every time what is the odd question going in the mind of a novice and you go back to explain that again

  5. Hey had a problem in edit>fill.Try to directly use the content-aware fill option and in preview you could change some settings as per need.


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