Review: Mezz Ignite Carbon Fiber Shaft // Deflection & Sound Tests


Carbon fiber shafts have exploded in the pool world since its debut. With professionals such as Shane Van Boening and Jeffery Deluna switching over to carbon fiber shafts, many pool players have also followed suit. I’m actually super excited to test the Mezz Ignite shaft. Mezz is one of my all time favorite cue manufacturers because they produce some of the highest quality and best hitting low deflection cues in the market. Since there aren’t many video reviews out on this shaft, I really hope this review will help you decide whether to buy it or not.

Purchase your own Ignite shaft (limited quantities):

Special thanks to: Kazunori Miki for sending me this demo cue & Ignite shaft to review for everyone!

Mezz cues sent me this demo cue & Ignite shaft to review for everyone. The demo cue & Ignite shaft will be sent back to Mezz cues. This video is not sponsored. Everything in this video is purely my opinion and personal feelings about the Ignite shaft.

Deflection tests performed in this video was not scientific. Deflection can vary depending on table/equipment conditions, speed/power when striking the cue ball, where you strike the cue ball and more. Table conditions, humidity, balls, different cue tips, chalk (etc.) all play a role in affecting the results of the test. Test was performed on a 7ft Diamond table to the best of my ability at the time.

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  1. How is it comparing to Rogue shaft? Im pretty happy with my new Rogue but still considering getting a mezz ignite for the spare

  2. hi.. make some comparison videos m8.. use them at same shots like draw shots.. most of the billiard stores say pechauer 11.8 has lowest deflection. i watched your pechauer rogue video but here ignite has lower deflection due to your test. pls try to make same shots at the same video with different cf shafts.. thats what we r looking for.. we need much more help than brands 🙂

  3. Suggestion: With deflection tests, the most “objective” way I’ve seen is to use a pivot/bridge length test…

    Basically you finding pivot point by hitting with X tips of English and adjusting bridge length until the cue ball hits the object ball and basically stops in place, spinning in place.

    Just a thought. If you need to see how to do this, I believe Dr. Dave has a video doing this.

  4. Great review! I have an Ignite on the way and now I feel confident in my purchase because of you 🙏 great stuff!!!!

  5. There he is!!!
    People are asking me to review my Predator Revo, which I'll eventually do. At 2:21, you can see the difference in the shade of black between the shaft and the butt of the cue. The Revo is basically the same thing which is the first thing I didn't really like. It would've been great if the shade of black was the same as the butt of the cue.


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