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20 thoughts on “RUCKUS: FLYING DEATH MACHINE | Paladins Gameplay”

  1. You scared me with "Terminus getting nerfed". His only change is an adjustment to the cards that regen his power siphon from 10% per level for successfully landing axe swings on enemies to 6%. And the same regen using Calamity Blasts from 3% to 2%. Well I'm not sure if it was really needed but not getting ready to be upset or complain about it either, it seems like a relatively small adjustment.

  2. When playing tanks I can only recommended picking up Master Riding even with double tank teams. First of all you can flank, when you die the point won't be free for the enemy for long, it makes dying not an issue and it's easy to level up.

  3. The game that got corrupted and another game with Kami are on my channel for anyone interested. I did record this game buuuut for Hi-Rez reasons my terminus hotkeys were set on the layout I have for another champion….I had to try to change hotkeys 7 times, didn’t have a jump or option to buy items for 3 rounds and using abilities was a gacha game

  4. Ruckus need a little more shield base and It would be one of the best off tanks with his damage and mobility 🙂

  5. Yeah, pls make more ranked. With picks chatting and stuff (but not full) if possible.

    Also, terminus ult damage has been nerfed so Andro's reverasl is not INCREDIBLY good vs him now.

  6. I really need to play Ruckus. I keep saying I would, but I don't because I keep wanting to play my comfort champs. He looks like a lot of fun now.

    Btw, you should totally play ranked with me instead of Net so you can carry me ;p


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