Saturday Night Virtual Pub Quiz LIVE!


The first ever Quaratine Quiz night is LIVE on my channel from 8pm. We have a packed house playing interactively but if you didn’t get a spot you can still play at home with a pen and paper against your pals.

If you’re enjoying the stream please donate via Streamlabs and I will read out every comment and donate all the money from this video to Age UK!


Also, at the end of the month one person will be winning a football shirt of their choice. To enter:

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  1. Just watched the quiz mate, what a class idea, how do we find out about the next one? What a great charity aswell 👍

  2. Hi How did you "build" this quiz.Ive dowloaded Kahoot and can see how to access and find pre made rounds, but how did you link them all togeather into one quiz. I am looking to do something similar

  3. Thanks for doing this, live on my own, working from home now and been feeling quite lonely recently. With that and the whole Covid-19 going on I've been feeling rather low. I really needed something like this as a mood booster to keep me going, so thank you (and Dave).


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