Shovel Knight | Let's Play Ep. 2: feat. Jake Kaufman | Super Beard Bros.


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Shovel Knight is a 2D side-scrolling platform game presented in 8-bit graphics (but looks very similar like 16-bit) in which players control the eponymous protagonist as he collects treasure and fights against the Order of No Quarter.[9] Shovel Knight’s main means of attack is his shovel, which he can either use to attack enemies head on and dig up treasure, or aim below him whilst jumping to bounce on enemies, similar to the pogo jump from DuckTales or the downward thrust from Zelda II: The Adventure of Link.

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Jirard “The Completionist” Khalil and Alex Faciane started Super Beard Bros to give you feeling of chillin out with them on the couch, with their Playstation, or their Xbox, or their Switch, and just laughin’ relaxin’ and playing whatever cool new Mario, Sonic, Pokemon, or any other type of dope game they think of next! Alex does the trivia, and Jirard beats the games!

Shovel Knight | Let’s Play Ep. 2: feat. Jake Kaufman | Super Beard Bros.


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  1. I want to say, as these videos are my introduction to this game and it's music, I could listen to these tracks on their own as a part of my regular playlist.

  2. AotD: Mega Man X3, Playing as Zero, mostly because not many people knew about it despite it being so simple to activate, and it's required to obtain the Golden Armor for X.

  3. Shrek 4 is really good. It's darker and definitely completely different than the others. The first is the best. The 3rd is the worst.

  4. #MrBurns "Plague Knight you say? Yes, I knew his father back in the day when still have my own liver. Simpler times back then, Smithers"

  5. So, wait, this is Jirard playing these?

    Wow, that's honestly kind of pathetic.

    If he seriously already finished the challenges I'm fucking done.

  6. I will never be able to get the image of a Goron on meth out of my head now…

    QOTD: I'd say Z-Prototype mode in Mega Man Unlimited.

  7. QotD:  Easy.  Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories for the Gameboy Advanced. Tons of people hate on it but very few have actually played it.  Even fewer seem to know that once you beat the game as Sora, you immediately get New Game+.  You play as Riku.  Not only do you play as him, he has his own cards, plays faster and handles differently from Sora and get his own COMPLETE storyline.  Sora only beat a handful of the Organization XIII.  Riku gets to fight the rest and they're ALL GOOD!  All the members you never got to fight in KH2.     Amazing.

  8. I bet in later DLC there will be Black Knight. He's like shovel knight, but bad, or something (never played the game) So I think he gets what he wants in his own DLC.

  9. 22:09 Also be thankful you recovered all of your cash. Any time I lose anything forever, I beat myself up over it.

  10. For the question of the day I would say Perfect Dark the Mr. Blonde's Revenge, I thought it was crazy that there was more to the game after you beat the story mode. Also Counter Op was a great idea I don't know why other companies don't do that in their games. For the bonus question of the day "Smithers! I haven't heard such word spillery since the debut of Pirates of Penzance!"


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