Silent Hill 1 Walkthrough Part 9 – PS1 – Good Ending – HD – Michael Kaufmann! Lighter Location!


Silent Hill 1 Walkthrough Part 9 – PS1 – Good Ending – HD – Michael Kaufmann! Lighter Location!

Silent Hill hospital (Alchemilla Hospital) is a strange, crazy place. Dr. Michael Kaufmann greets Harry by shooting at him. Luckily he’s a doctor and not a marksman. After a conversation they split up. Kaufmann leaves the hospital, while Harry heads to the 4th floor. It’s here Silent Hill changes again and the crazy nurses and doctors run wild. Harry finds the lighter

Silent Hill 1, the Playstation 1 survival horror King is a game I am well aware of, but outside of watching others play – and the demo, I have no experience with. A somewhat blind playthrough if you will, but unsurprisingly… having some knowledge of Silent Hill 1 doesn’t make it any less horrible to play. One of the few game series that truly scares me enough to turn the game off. Silent Hill’s walkthrough will go down in history on my channel as a giant achievement for myself, and should I brave this game to its credits, then maybe I can grow the stones to play future Silent Hill’s, and someday even Fatal Frame. Right now, let’s focus on Silent Hill 1.

Like Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill is a late generation Playstation 1 title that managed to blow away gamers everywhere. I could tell from the moment I touched the demo it was going to be special. Didn’t expect it to be as scary and claustrophobic as it turned out to be, however. Props to Team Silent or their masterful talent in creating a fantastic and legendary game.

I recorded this on ePSXe 2.0.5 and as you can see, it looks sharp and beautiful. Fully recommend for anyone that has the censored Irish and UK version. This is how Silent Hill should be played.

This Silent Hill walkthrough will be the Good Ending as I hear from fans it makes the most sense as being the canon ending, and canon means a lot to me.

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  1. Konami burger?! I assume that means the food is undercooked, they charge you extra for lettuce and tomato, and forcefeed it to you rectally. #FucKonami.

  2. That hospital story and that moan could not have been timed better! Sorry to find joy in your misery, but the timing was perfect! If you hated hospitals before, well let's just say that you are gonna have a big smile on your face when your out of there!

  3. Jump across the rooftop ? You think your spider-Man( now that I mention it Harry does kind of have a grownup Peter parker look to him with the brown jacket )
    I wonder if Harry is any relation to Perry Mason? (Old tv lawyer show ) 😊
    The voice acting 💩

  4. This is for me, the second scary part of Silent Hill 1, I was stuck in this hospital for months, one for the freaking monsters that scared the shit out of 11 year old me, and second, because of "THAT" puzzle. I still get the creeps, man.

  5. atleast the nurses seem to be easy to kill, you'll gonna be fine, i remember the beautiful morning in the school after killing the lizard, it's truly amazing how they did that, I know this doesn't make sense at this point but I think another beautiful morning is awaiting you after you beat the next boss, I forgot who or what it is but I wouldn't tell you even if I remembered, no spoilers 🙂

  6. You missed the red liquid. You're able to use the plastic bottle on the red liquid.
    If I could make any game it would either be a proper continuation of Tenchu or a proper Resident Evil game where we actually see the fall of umbrella. Fucking capcom.

  7. I really like the way they present the buildup of how the hospital slowly descends into Hell mode; the music cranks it up and down depending on the area. It was beginning in that first corridor, then an unsettling piano on the staircase, then finally, the music kicks it up a notch to be MORE unsettling as you enter a floor's hallways. Extremely well done.

    Shit, you were not afraid to unload your 9mm on that nurse! XD I was a little scared when blood came of her face, I thought that she was about to attack, but it was just you LOL. And oh god, what's with the humps on their backs?! I'm surprised you didn't comment on that!

    That conversation with Michael played out a bit like a film noir scene dialogue-wise, love it.


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