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Time to traipse through some sewers and be super nosey about Kaufmann’s private life. Thanks for watching, and remember to Like this video!


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  1. No one is gonna point out that he said the giant bug monsters…. Bugged him? I mean even HE didn't notice that. Hahaaaa… Good shit.

  2. I keep seeing all these comments saying people played this when they were little kids, and I'm just wondering why so many little kids were apparently playing this M-rated game…

    I do agree on the monster designs being pretty lame and unimaginative, and I don't think the "they're based on Alessa's fears, etc" argument really removes that criticism. At the end of the day, they're still boring, regardless of the meaning behind them. The atmosphere still holds up surprisingly well after all these years, though. I will definitely give it that. Makes me appreciate the polish the series got with 2-4 all the more, since they were able to expand on the foundations this game had.

  3. Why can't I read the newspaper clipping at normans? If i missed reading it at the hospital will he just skip it?

  4. I was playing the Devil May Cry series recently (got to 4 and kinda got bored of the difficulties/stress of all the games and gave up XD Though i do still wanna play that and 5 some day!), and i really enjoyed number 1, thought it was super fun and entertaining, challenging yet fair, i was really loving the game, i thought the same of 3, it was difficult yet fair, fun, it was a nice game, 2 however, i do not understand people saying it was easier, it was the game that made me ragequit more than any other one, i found basically every enemy just flung you about the screem (especially that giant fucking ape thing), i was constantly running on low everything, i think it had some of the worst design choices for levels, boss' and puzzles, it was diffcult and not in a fair way and just so boring when it wasn't difficult, really was not a fan!

    (Should say, this got triggered by you syaing how you seemingly dislike the first of the series yet love the rest, when i think with those games the first is the best XD)

  5. Motels tend to be single to two stories and you gain access to the rooms from the outside. Hotels tend to be larger and you aren't exposed to the elements on your way to your room.

  6. Binge-watching all HarshlyCritical's Silent Hill playthroughs and he has become one of my favorite let's players. His critiques are respectable and fair for each game even when he flat out dislikes one of them. His perspective along with his well thought-out commentary are enjoyable to view and his hilarious moments, puns, and voice imitations (Silent Hill 4's Henry) are great. Right now I am laughing at how he is pronouncing Kaufman (Koff-Man/KAWF-muhn). I just love it all! 😀

  7. I've been kinda binge-watching all silent hill videos of this channel. It's one of my absolute favorite franchises and these are great videos. It's cool to see someone playing most of them for the first time and to listen different opinions in the games than my own. Also it's really fun, great job with the playthroughs!

  8. Doesn't Silent Hill exist in 3 different realities? There's the normal, run-of-the-mill 'Silent Hill,' undisturbed and full of inhabitants, the one that exists in our world. And then there's the 'fog world' where it appears the town is abandoned and then there's the Otherworld, the one that's Hellish and rusted.

  9. I might get hate for this but first let me say I think that SH homecoming wasn't a great game. Not bad but definitely not great, but the scarlet boss fight was probably the greatest thing they've ever done. I loved that fight it was fucking terrifying. Not even because the camera angle was bad or anything it was because the boss was just downright horrifying.

  10. Quite a conversation spurred on by the motel/hotel thing. I think it's a contraction of the words motor and hotel, due to the proximity to interstates and such – easy lodging for travellers

  11. I actually really liked the unoriginal monster designs, mainly because of where they come from. I mean, the next games all have monsters jumping out of the psyches of the main characters, who are adults. Their personal demons are based around lust, betrayal, guilt, the death of a loved one, etc. They can be more abstract and interesting. These monsters? They're all based on Alessa's memories of being a child. Kiddie-Alessa didn't give a fuck about all that abstract bullshit, she just thought that bugs, dogs and hospitals were super duper scary.


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