Silent Hill | Part 17 | Kaufmann Quest (Optional)

This is a part of my 2015 Halloween Special. I know it’s late.

I’ll be playing through the PSOne title: Silent Hill which came out in 1999.

-This will not a 100% playthrough.
-I will try not to talk during the cut scenes to let you guys hear the voiced dialogue in this game. It’s up there with some of the “classics”.
-This will be a more or less calm playthrough with no facecam. The game still gives me the creeps though.
-I am not great at this game, so some mistakes will be made.

Part 17 is the Kaufmann side quest. Save Kaufmann at the bar, and then going to the Indian Runner to get the code for the motel, getting the magnet from inside the office and then heading to room number 3. Once inside, use the magnet to get the motorcycle key and head back the motel office where you use it in the motorcycle that’s there to trigger a cut scene with Kaufmann.

Hope you enjoy, and thank you for watching.

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BA# 65.17 – Silent Hill – Part 17


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