Silent Hill – Part 9: Saving Kaufmann Sidequest


To get the GOOD ending, you need to do the following things:

1. Head to Annie’s Bar and save Kaufmann from the monster (3:25). When he leaves, inspect the area and grab the Kaufmann Key and the Receipt (5:45).
2. Using the code on the Receipt (0473), enter the Indian Runner (7:35).You can open the safe by opening the drawer an grabbing the Safe Key (23:40). The note on the wall gives the code for a rear entrance of 0886.
3. Use the code to enter the back entrance of the Motel (11:45). Grab the magnet off of the couch (18:50). Use the Kaufmann Key to enter Room 3 and push the shelf (16:10). Use the magnet to grab the Motorcycle Key down below (19:35). Use it on the motorcycle in the motel to open the gas tank and get a vial of red liquid (20:20). Kaufmann will enter and take the vial from you.

This ensures that you get the GOOD ending.


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