Silent Hill (PS1) Playthrough Part 19 – Kaufmann's Secret Storage


[s.i.l.e.n.t h.i.l.l]
Woah! What on earth got into him? He flailed at me like a angry bear.

Well you are in possession of things that he owns, in addition to unlocking every secure location housing drug deal records.

This is probably the only time I’d rather have the typical awkward and subtle conversations with him.

Good thing he isn’t aware of you reading all the drug dealers’ log books, important newspaper articles, police investigations, and the drugs in the safe. Also interesting to note, that if you do not succeed in locating all of the information regarding the deaths of the mayor and a policeman as well as the drugs, Harry won’t make the extra assumption that Kaufmann is involved in the drug trafficking following Kaufmann’s departure from the room.


That’s right, I confirmed when I re-recorded this area.


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  1. Hey no problem. Glad you enjoyed my video. I personally hate the sewer tunnels and the pathway to the lighthouse lol.

  2. I wanted to thank you for the video ,I know is two year old but I just finished playing Silent Hill and I got the bad ending not knowing why after going to game faqs , I just couldn't find it in me to play through this section and go through "Nowhere level" the most boring and tedious section in Silent hill

    thank you again for sparing me to go through Nowhere section again to get the good ending

  3. wow you have to do all that to get the good ending.. I won't get myself a chance to replay that part so thanks for this video. I'm waiting for shattered memories! ^^


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