Slam The Earth! ~ Plains of Passes (Quad City DJs vs Jake Kaufman)


Can you dig it?

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This features tracks from the following sources:
Quad City DJs – Space Jam
Shovel Knight OST – Strike The Earth! (Plains of Passage)
Fall Out Boy – My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light ‘Em Up)


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  1. shov-ball knight: shovel of hoops
    shov-ball knight: penalty of shadows
    shov-ball knight: spectator of tournaments
    shov-ball knight: king of courts

  2. If there's any justice in this world Yacht Club will patch this in NOW!!! It's right up there with Last Slamprise for me….Slam Knight needs to be a secret miniboss

  3. SHOVEL JAM featuring Shovles Barkley, Shaq-King O' Neal, Specter Pippen, Plague-o Ming, Trea-bron James, Dennis Moleman, Polerving Knight, Tin-Kobe Knyant and Prop-ael Jordan


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