Slot Machines – How to Win and How They Work – 2016 UPDATE


American Casino Guide author, Steve Bourie, interviews Mike Trask from Ainsworth Game Technology to get an update on whether or not anything has changed in how slot machines work since our original “how to win on slot machines” video was released in 2009. Topics covered include how widespread server-based gaming has become; how “must hit by” slots work; whether or not pick’em bonus rounds are pre-determined, plus more.

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  1. Does video poker also use a rng to determine the cards you’re dealt and if so when you deal the first cards is the outcome set for all the cards or does the rng start going again before the draw ?

  2. So is it ok to play a quick fire game where I just mash the spin button? Yes I can lose faster but is that considered a “cheat” way to play?

    For the question about playing 30 min and walking, would I have won, it would be like roulette right? The wheel is constantly spinning so the person may release the ball at any point with any speed? I always thought the roulette win number viewer doesn’t matter. Once everyone starts betting you don’t know for sure at what point or position the ball will go.

  3. Pretty good video. But my question is about stopping a spin. As we obviously know slots use RNGs. But what about when you stop the reels? You're saying if I stop it on the bonus that it was going to give me the bonus whether I stopped it or not? Over several years of playing slots I've seemingly gotten more lucky or gotten more frequent bonuses then if I didn't. So does stopping the reels do "something" to the RNG? Or it's just been completely coincidental hundred of times?

  4. Hey americancasinoguide., If these are really run by random number generators, how can there be odds on winning a jackpot? Like he said 20,000 to 1. That should not be possible if they are truly "random". I also feel that a payback percentage could not be possible unless it is programmed that way. In short i just feel random is random which means there are no odds or percentages. Any solutions to my confusion lol

  5. Great video update, thank you! He is very well spoken and does a great job representing his company yet also sounding both fair and friendly to potential players.

  6. Something tells me they don't tell the whole truth on mind playing/teasing. I may be wrong, but it's just a small feeling.

  7. Great video and interview. A few questions still remain. Perhaps your 2019 update with someone from Aristocrat will clear these up. Thanks for sharing.

  8. The answer to this question does not factor in the 'win by $500' type jackpots. For these types of jackpots, the answer is YES as their payout is predetermined in time (as previously explained)

  9. 'It's totally random on just about every spin'. So it's not totally random on every spin… Correct?

  10. 'it pulls a random number out of a generator'. So it only pulls ONE number out? Not one number per reel. Correct?

  11. The only to win on SLOTS🎰, is to own one and keep it in your house.
    So, if you play, and get nothing back, the money is YOURS😄

  12. I liked casinos better when all the bosses looked like mobsters in the Mafia, LOL 😆, now they look like corporate yuppie college boys.
    Remember those good old days? ALL YOU CAN EAT BUFFETS FOR $6.00 bucks, 24hrs a day , you could put a quarter in a slot machine and win $800.00 dollars, super hot cocktail 🍹 waitresses, this new generation corporate yuppie crap bullshitting everyone to believe they’re a professional gambler drives me INSANE NUTS. 😡😲🤮😠😤

  13. I wish you guys would do a video on what to do when a casino cheats you out of your winnings.
    I know the answer is don’t pull out a .44 magnum and shoot everyone. 😂

  14. I seen a $5 slot pay out a jackpot handpay, I thought well it's done, short time later maybe 1hr or so, it hit again, I was like damn I should have played it, it's really done now, others would play it and I saw others making some money on it, so I finally played it and got over $1,000 off it and I cashed out figuring this should be done now, well crap others played it and was winning good amounts, I figured what the hell and played it again and at max I hit a jackpot handpay. the casino wasn't really busy wasn't like it was played a lot, there was times of no play on the machine, I would hear bells from that direction and see random folks hitting. during my time on at the casino. After I hit my jackpot on it, about 3 minutes after I got off it, a tech came out and opened the machine, he dug around inside of it for a few minutes and closed it back up. I stuck around and watched the machine, it was dead silent. watch a few folks play it and the machine did nothing, little cherry's here and there nothing worth noting, I played it again, ran few hundred thru it, it was complete dog, just ate the money. So ya they saw it paying out to much and changed that real quick.

  15. When i bet HIGH – Money dissapeared really fast on every casino i've played , along with my friends. SLOT MACHINES ARE RIPPED OFF , THEY CAN BE SET TO NOT PAY OUT ANYTHING ONE DAY , KEEP THAT IN MIND. YOU CAN INSERT 1000$ and it won't pay you anything. Hell i wasted 5-6000$ , when my bet was 5-10$ a hand. When i bet 0.1 or 1$ , machine hits bonus spins etc… with 5-10$ bet a hand , it consumes 100-200 bucks then give you bonus scatter to win 30-40 bucks… rip off

  16. Some slots let you stop the reels immediately rather than letting them stop by themselves. Does stopping the reels immediately change anything or was it still pre-determined before I pushed stop?

  17. One question I have is – do the machines that allow you to change the denomination on the machine offer different payout percentages depending on which denom you choose? And do the bet amounts change the payout percentages? It makes sense that higher value machines (Ones that are set to be so, like a $.10 slot) payout higher, but what if I change a penny slot to a $0.02 or $0.05 denom? What if I play 50 lines at 5 per line versus 50 lines at 1 credit per line?

  18. a higher payback on higher denominations implies that a machine that has multi- denominations  from a penny to a dollar must alter the RNG to accommodate that percentage increase or decrease. or is it the same, just calling your dollar 100 pennies?

  19. Ever wonder how trump bankrupted a casino? By stealing chips out to pay of interest on loans from Russia allegedly

  20. This person being interviewed is giving 'canned answers to questions he was given on a list beforehand.
    The answers he is giving are very telling, he does not know much and really doesn't care.

  21. So many folks seem just not to understand math. The funny thing is, in a sense they're right. The game is rigged against the player. This is unquestionably true. What they get wrong is how it's rigged.

    When a slot machine is programmed to pay back, say, 95%, and a player is pumping (for instance) $5 a play into it every 10 seconds (even 800 spins/hr is not unheard of) it doesn't need any special tricks or secret programming to be very profitable. That flat percentage by itself yields an average $150/hr income. Since you don't need to pay an employee to operate a slot machine, that's almost pure profit. Multiply that by 500 machines or so — a conservative estimate, since a large casino will have many more slot players than that on the floor most of the time — and you're taking in $75,000/hr.

    Why should anyone cheat when there's so much money to be made by being honest?

    Furthermore, since players don't cash out and walk away after a small payout, but put those winnings back into play, the house edge grows like compound interest as the player continues to sit there. That 95% that pays out will usually go right back into the machine, which will take another 5%. The balance will get put back in, and come back less another 5%. And so on, and so on, and so on, until most of the player's stake is gone.

  22. Mr. Casino guide can you say how a slot machine hits a jackpot and the casino says oh no it's a malfunction and slot player loses, i was in colorado a slot machine (penny) hit a jackpot of about 33 thousand dollars, casino commissioner and casino determined it was a malfunction, the players took it to court and casino won,so how is the malfunction determined? I seen the samething happen to another casino player that hit three red double sevens which wins the progressive which was a little over nine thousand dollars, casino said malfunction so player asked for commisioner which also said malfunction , wow! three red double sevens and no win? so if slot machines pay by random hits why the malfunction? good video thanks!

  23. how come casinos get fined for adjusting return payout to below gambling regulation. So they can adjust it on the fly as everything is software and not hard coded. all machines comm with a main server all the time, nor true?

  24. I agree with what the guy working for ainsworth said apart from one thing I don't believe picking bonuses are ever decided by the player…If that was true then golden fish tank and secret of the stones players would find wild reels more often etc. I still say this was chosen before the player even entered bonus because picking on these slots are a massive influence on money you will win. He's lying!

  25. I agree with everything apart from the ending where he said if the pre-bonus game tiles are revealed in the end, then it is actually random. I worked in a casino slot place for 6 years and a bonus game in "Pharaoh's Fortune" where you would pick the tiles for free spins and multipliers from 35 tiles with 3 begin free spin bonus tiles. The COUNTLESS times I saw people picking the 1st tile and ended up being "Begin Free Spin Bonus" and then reveal every other tile makes me 100% certain that it is definitely pre-determined for you.

  26. They love taking our money. Hahaha! Millions of people play and then one person wins $300.00 while the company makes millions per month. LEAVE IT ALONE UNLESS YOU HAVE MONEY TO GIVE AEAY!!

  27. Wait what, explain the part about the server and tribal casino and switch. I play at windcreek which as the bingo cards. That part was kinda confusing to me, so he says casinos with bingo cards like windcreek are server base and that they can be switched on amd off right. They called them class machines.

  28. I worked for a slot manufacturer and the casinos determine what percentage they want from each machine. Trust me. Nothing is random. No casino would allow a slot machine to continue paying out. Once a large amount is paid out on a machine it's programmed not to hit large until a 200% return is made.

  29. If the results are random, now come they are able to make the machine have a 88% win rate? The machine will HAVE TO decide to make a spin a loser or a winner by some system.


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