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The Jingle Jam is back and better than ever! Here is Stocking Stuffers with Lewis & Turps from Day 24 of the Jingle Jam 2018!

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  1. Lewis is weird.

    He gets the videos for the games and instead of just playing the video, he pauses it and then gives us "screenshots" from the video by jumping through the timeline.

    (And he does this after telling Turps how "you describe games to me and I don't get it, but then I see a few seconds of the videos and I understand the games". So he praises the ability of people to understand the games by watching the videos, and then refuses to just play the videos?!?)

    What's that all about, eh?

  2. It's worth noting, for Linux / SteamOS users, that most of the bundle games – as they're not too demanding of the latest and greatest DirectX stuff – do work just fine through the "Steam Play" feature that Steam's recently added.

    (Basically, "Steam Play" is a Wine-variant called "Proton". As Wine's acronym reminds us "Wine Is NOT an Emulator" but a re-implementation of the Windows API on Linux, so the games do run at (mostly) native Windows speed that even on modest hardware, it should all play just fine.)

    I've not gone through all the bundle games yet, but the only issues I encountered so far – trying to play the Windows games on Linux through "Steam Play" – was a bit of a graphical glitch with "Tross" (the feedback effect sometimes appeared on the menu and looked ugly, but did not affect actually playing the game in any way) and that I couldn't get the Steam Controller to work properly with "Race the Sun" (though it has built-in configurations for Xbox and PS controllers, so I presume those work okay – I don't know that the Steam Controller works on Windows either, mind you, so maybe that's just a general problem with lack of support and nothing Linux-specific).

    Otherwise, I have been installing and firing up the Windows bundle games on Linux through "Steam Play" with no serious issues. So I hope no-one avoided getting the bundle for lack of "native Linux" ports as, in reality, it actually makes little difference (there might be a game or two which doesn't work without Windows, but I've not hit those ones yet).

    Just to give a little "Linux compatibility report", seeing as Turps mentioned it. Basically, through "Steam Play", all the games I've tried from the bundle are perfectly playable (one or two minor "glitches" aside).


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