Sub Culture walkthrough


Walkthrough of all missions in Sub Culture except Bomb Disposal. This was a spontaneous walkthrough, so I missed that mission accidentally, because it is available at Touka Reef, and in the lategame I traveled rather in Beluga Basin. Bomb Disposal mission has done in a separate video:
I used the original game CD without any modifications, on windows 7 (64 bit), with nglide 3dfx emulator, not on a virtual machine. Recorded with bandicam, encoded with virtualdub. Due to it’s my earliest videos, I unfortunately encoded with 80% quality.
Someone has noticed, that the hotkeys of changing weapons and tools are not in the controls menu. Seek them around the enter button.
Don’t forget to check out Deep Fighter, that’s the sequel of this game, which also has PC and Sega Dreamcast version.


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  1. Ahhh… Sub Culture. Scavenging, trade, combat, intrigue, espionage, diplomacy, doomsday devices and averting major crises' all in the span of little over two and a half hours. What a classic!

  2. Someone should remake this game with more map more mission, better graphic and put it on steam. I would buy it no matter what… getting bored with spaceship. Now searching for exploring the ocean with submarine. Doesnt like subnautica though as it include in surviving…

  3. Has anyone figured out how to make this work on Windows 10? I tried nglide 2.00 and the sub moves very slowly 🙁

  4. Holy shit I've been looking all over for this game. Anyone knows how to and where to get the game and for it to run on windows 10, 64bit system?

  5. Man I loved this game… I used to just explore the deep for hours on end, fighting pirates and blowing up fish lol. This was a golden era of gaming in my opinion!

  6. I loved it so much! And back in 1997 having an openworld with factions and trading, wasn't a common thing.

    For those interested by playing it again, Sub Culture is officially an "abandonware", which means that you can find it on the net legally for free!
    Link :
    (Lol a 32MB installer for the whole game… how refreshing…)

  7. I dragged this game around the globe! literally! took it from Europe to Canada,Australia and back…and now,20 years after I played it the last time,I finally bought an old pc,on which I can play it now…crazy,eh?

  8. it is such a nice looking game, seems a little befor its time and got poorly merchendised.

    So many hours I've spend around this bottom sea and gathered items and pearls for selling.

    Coulda become a great series of games.

  9. is there a website that has a map of the ocean ? or general tips on how to get quick cash? I can see you buying refined ore and then sell this, are there any other good tips?

  10. How to improve slow 3D rendering/FPS under windows 10?
    By launching via sc.exe it is very slow.
    The sc3dfx.exe does not work since my GPU does not have that "Voodoo Graphics" engine 😛

  11. I were under 10 when I played this game and I didn't understand much from it, haha… I'd love to play it again. Thank you for uploading this

  12. I bought this game randomly when I was a kid. It looks bad now but back then I enjoyed the freedom and the adventure. At the time, that "freedom" used to blow my mind. I spent many hours exploring in games like this one o Little Big Adventure 2. Or GTA 1.

    Dammit, now not even GTA 5 nor Skyrim give me those feelings. Having an entire world to explore became so common it doesn't make me feel anything anymore.

  13. Dude, can you please upload this? I've been looking for this game for months and I can't find it, pirate files are damaged

  14. I remember failing the last mission because I couldn't get out in time… And now I discover that even when you succeed, you get blown up because your character takes a wrong turn? I feel robbed.

  15. Finally found this game. didnt know there were missions. just went arounf and shocked turtles until they blew up. I was a weird kid.

  16. "I used the original game CD without any modifications, on windows 7 (64 bit)" What a lie, you can't run a 16 bit installer in a 64 bit PC, just admit you wasted a month trying to run it in an emulator.

  17. I loved this game, never came far in the missions as bugs had it crash too often, but the exploration, mining and trading was very nice.

  18. I played this a lot when it first came out, along with Archimedean Dynasty. For some reason underwater exploration is more compelling and atmospheric than space exploration. Currently enjoying Subnautica.

  19. Reliving my youth… just awesome…
    Owned the game twice, first at release, then as second hand…

    Even with so many new games every month, I still think of this one all the times…

  20. Did you get dragged by an octopus in this game and then get a tentacle on the screen? I remember a submarine game that this happened.

  21. Сука, я помню эту игру, я в нее неделями играл и в конце где я взорвал пиратский оплот, у меня вылетела игра и я думал что это ошибка, но я дошел до конца оказывается

  22. Even after 3 years of playing this when I was a child, I wasnt able to discover any of the activities you just did in this video oO. Used to be a very difficult game for me haha

  23. I remember as a kid when the pirates attacked me the first time I literally pissed myself and shouted for my dad to help me since he gave me the game


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