Sub Game Emblems | Sonic Adventure DX 100% Walkthrough "67/75" (No Commentary)


In this part, we gather the 7 Sub Game Emblems. These are the “mini-games” that appeared throughout Adventure Mode, and we need to hit high scores in each of them to get the Emblems. Below are a breakdown of each game and how to get the Emblems tied to them.

Collectibles: 7

1. Emblem #119 of 130 (Sky Chase Act 1 – High Score)
2. Emblem #120 of 130 (Sky Chase Act 2 – High Score)
3. Emblem #121 of 130 (Sand Hill – High Score)
4. Emblem #122 of 130 (Twinkle Circuit – New Record)
5. Emblem #123 of 130 (Twinkle Circuit – Beat Previous Record)
6. Emblem #124 of 130 (Hedgehog Hammer – High Score)
7. Emblem #125 of 130 (Hedgehog Hammer – Beat Previous High Score)

Sky Chase Act 1 – The goal of this game is the same as it was in the Adventure Mode. Shoot down enemies to gain points, and our target score to get the Emblem is 8,000 Points. You can press the attack button to fire normally, or you can hold it down to lock on to any enemies that pass your cross hairs, then release to fire homing shots at all of them. Note that you can destroy the cannon shots for points as well as the cannons, this may make all the difference.

Sky Chase Act 2 – This will play out exactly the same as Sky Chase Act 1 in terms of controls. The goal here is to shoot down enemies for points and then destroy the Egg Carrier’s main laser. The target score for the Emblem is 20,000 Points. Note that the cannon shots at the end when dealing with the laser can still get you points for destroying them, this can make all the difference.

Sand Hill – The goal of this game is to get to the end of the stage and pass through as many red bars as you can. You gain a score multiplier if you go through multiple red bars in a row in quick succession. The target score to get this Emblem is 10,000 Points. You will need to get a multiplier of 30 or more in order to reach this score.

Twinkle Circuit 1 – The goal of this game is simply to beat the course record shown on screen to get the Emblem. I heavily advise that you take your time and goof around at the finish line on the third lap, as this will have a meaning for the next Emblem on the list.

Twinkle Circuit 2 – The goal of this game is to beat your personal best score, which is what you just created previously. This is why I had you goof off, as you can now go all out and easily crush your previous best for this Emblem. Make sure to let go of the acceleration to take those sharp turns.

Hedgehog Hammer 1 – The goal of this game is to beat the High Score to get the Emblem. You get 100 Points for hitting Sonic, 500 Points for hitting Super Sonic, and you lose 200 Points for hitting Dr. Eggman. You will receive the Emblem if you can beat the previous High Score shown on screen, but do your best to barely beat it for what comes next. If you got Amy’s Long Hammer and Warrior Feather Upgrades in Adventure Mode, you can use them here to make things “possibly” easier. Hold the attack button down and spin the left stick in a circle to do a sort of spin attack and rapidly hit all of the targets. Depending on what type of targets appeared in your run, you can easily hit the high score, or you may just have bad luck. As I said before, make sure to stop the moment you pass the high score, and be careful as Amy will get dizzy after a set amount of time spinning.

Hedgehog Hammer 2 – The goal of this game is exactly the same as the previous Emblem, except you must now beat your personal best, which is why I had you hold back. From here, go all out using the “Spin Attack” method to beat your personal high score and this Emblem is yours.


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