Supercharger Kit for boosting up 50cc motorcycle Honda Monkey Z50/AB27


Easy to install in-house Supercharger (“true” air compressor) for stock 50cc Honda Monkey mini bike: . FB post with current project status:

Supercharged motorcycle (mini pitbike, motorbike, moped, scooter) as the modified stock Honda Monkey Z50/AB27 powered by 50cc naturally aspirated four-stroke carbureted engine (bore/stroke 39mm/41.4mm).

In addition, our team sets up a list of interests shown for the supercharger kit. So, we would be happy to have a kind of your feedbacks (via our E-mails).

1. Your Name, Surname, Country (organizations, institutions, business entities — business name, website)
2. Your motorcycle (moped, motorbike, scooter, pitbike, ATV) Model and engine displacement (cc)
3. Reasons to have your vehicle supercharged


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  1. What 50cc takes 16 seconds to get to 50? Any competent transmission tuner could halve that. Without adding anything, other than roller weights and jets.

  2. Im pretty sure this is a fake vid and a total scam. no wonder the music plays to block the actual sound of the engine.

  3. ギヤ比があっていないようで、せっかく過給機つけても意味ない。

  4. This guy has a long history developing Super Charging for very small motorcycles !His website is loaded with information and historical pictures too !  He has been working for years to bring this to market.  Not Bullshit !


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