Suzuki VanVan 125 review


Thanks to Motoworks Cambridge for the test ride!

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Purple Feelings ft. Rainsford

X I X X – Beach Day

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Shot on GH3, GoPro Hero 4 and 5
Metabones Speedbooster + 18-35mm Sigma F1.8
Glidecam HD2000


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  1. I’ve the Street Twin now but have still kept my 2016 VanVan as it’s ace on the country roads and byways. I got it from Motoworks actually. Just came back to grab the link to the vid for my niece. 😉

  2. Doing my cbt in 2 weeks time and it's between a 125 van van and a yamaha ybr. I will be travelling on 60mph roads, need it for food shopping and pillion.
    Can't decide

  3. Ridden one, they're shit & the L-plate kept falling off 😂 damn thing wouldn't rev & the gearbox was like a sledgehammer. Bike felt heavy as shit & tipping it into corners was terrifying. Never felt like I was gonna fall off a bike before. Admittedly the one I rode was old & wasn't looked after very well, but I wasn't impressed. I was impressed by the video content tho! You two giving Baron & 44teeth a run for their money? 😂 keep it up lads 👌


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