Suzuki VanVan 200 vs. Ducati Multistrada 1200 Enduro Rags to Riches! | On Two Wheels


Instead of some faraway land, Zack and Ari are off on a local adventure, and turned it into a challenge: what’s the cheapest (and most expensive) way to go camping on a motorcycle? Ari has chosen his weapon, and Zack has piled multiple weapons on board his machine. They’re off to the wilderness where blue skies, and some trouble, await.

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  1. You can travel on anything. Depending on your needs and comfort. You can carry a lot more on the Vanvan 200 than that.
    Gives me an idea of what to do next year.

  2. Ducati should attach a vanvan to the back of their bikes so customers can still commute when their Ducatis break down.

  3. And through it all she offers me protection
    A lot of love and affection
    Whether I'm right or wrong
    And down the waterfall
    Wherever it may take me
    I know that life won't break me
    When I come to call, she won't forsake me
    I'm loving angels instead

    Every time I see vanvan, I keep singing that song. Because there was that bike

  4. What an awsome content. Camping can be so easy I never thought so. Both of u guys hd like a perfect chemistry for d adventure amidst d difference in cc. Pretty amazing. 🤘

  5. multistrada is great . we all acknowledge it. but damn, that little suzuki is also there. and they both doing it

  6. I like how you paired a 200 CC with a 1200 CC, and a Ducati at that. No matter where you are in the spectrum, no matter what bike you have, what you have to sleep under, just get out there and use it !! Only true riders can understand that… Cheers from a different continent, bothers !

  7. “Its not an offroad bike, its not an enduro” as you ride it offroad perfectly fine and do anything you would need it to do as an enduro…. crazy


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