The First 20 Hours Book Summary in Hindi/Urdu by Qasim Ali Shah – Book Reviews in Urdu/Hindi


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Qasim Ali Shah having a discussion on the Book “The First 20 Hours – How to Learn Anything Fast” By Josh Kaufman.

Key Points Discussed in the Video:
– Josh Kaufman tells us in this book that how to learn any skill in just 20 hours, even you can win the competition.
– The best thing in this book is if you have a Game Plan to be Master you will save your time and achieve your destination in a short time.
– You cannot learn a skill until you know the loss of not learning.
– He emphasizes at the beginning of the book that why we need to learn a skill?

– This book gives you the practical steps of learning a skill.

– You cannot learn a skill until you practice it with theory.

What can You Learn From This Video?
– How to learn a skill?
– Why is it necessary to learn a skill?
– What is the concept of struggle and sleep?
– What are the four steps to learn a skill?

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Who is Qasim Ali Shah:
Qasim Ali Shah is not just a Motivational Speaker but an enthusiastic doer. He followed his passions and proved his self a Successful Entrepreneur, Inspiring Teacher, Best-Selling Author, Philanthropist and a Transformational Trainer.

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  1. کیا اس پوری تقریر میں کوئی ھندی کا لفظ آیا؟ آپ کیوں اردو کو ھندی کہہ کر بھارتیوں کے پروپیگنڈے کو تقویت دیتے ھو جو اردو کو ھندی کہنے پر مصر ہیں؟ اتنی اونچی اونچی اور اچھی باتیں بتانے کے باوجود آپ جیسے لوگ صرف اپنی ریٹنگ کیلئے اور بھارتیوں کے ایک بڑے آڈینس کو متوجہ کرنے کو اپنی پیاری زبان کو ایک انتہائی بدصورت بولی کے ساتھ نتھی کررھے ھو۔ برائے مہربانی ھندی کا لفظ ٹائٹل پر سے ہٹایا جائے۔

  2. Aap yaar educated person hain skills ki baari main ithni kham khiali kion tum se ye bath sun kar roongtey karrey hojathi hai lhuda ka khowf kar.

  3. mashaallah very best initiative to introduces of books
    In our UMMA no one doing the same so in our india too jajakaAllah

  4. nice and excellent video

    The First 20 Hours Book Summary in Hindi/Urdu by Qasim Ali Shah – Book Reviews in Urdu/Hindi

  5. You r legend . You are Great . You Always Motivate . May Allah Bless You . HAMENH APKI BAAT SUNAY KAY BAAD DIL MAI UTRNEY KI TOFEEK ATA HOJAYE

  6. _🌷🌷❣آج کــــی پہلــــی بـــات

    شکر ادا کرنے کی وجہ نہیں ڈھونڈنی چاہئے،بلکہ عادت ڈالنی چاہئے کیونکہ شکرگزار لوگوں سے الله بڑی محبت کرتا ہے…..

  7. Tumne konse kaam ki maharat hasil ki hei jo itna gyaan baant rahe hi? Pehle tum maher bano phir hum vishwas karein!


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