The Little Tiny Quiz Of The Lockdown | WEEK 2 Questions and Answers | Jimmy Carr


For those of you that have missed The Little Tiny Quiz Of The Lockdown throughout the week, this is a compilation of all the question and answer rounds throughout the week in one long video. ENJOY!

I’ll see you tomorrow for more questions, unless this whole thing ends, BUT IT WON’T.

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  1. The lanterne rouge is not a shirt – it refers to a literal red lantern that used to be hung on the back of freight trains and the like to signal the rear of the train – but it’s just a title as far as the Tour is concerned.

  2. Thanks Jimmy . This was full of surprising questions. Yes shout out to Johnny. Stay safe 😷Jimmy the legend 👏👏👏👏👏👏

  3. I'm from Australia, so apologies for the late response, but it took 6 days for this video to get to me. I suggest a quiz about the how, when and where the British built their Empire. Obviously genocide would get a run, but you could include little bits, such as how some Pacific Island peoples would eat the flesh of their fallen enemy; and how the first fleet of convicts headed for Australia had to wait in the Hulks for several months before departure because they were still doing the paperwork. Many people died on the boats and their bodies were thrown overboard, even though they were still tied to the wharf.


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