The Top 5 Secret Skills of Pinball (How To Play Pinball)


The Top 5 Tips, from nudging to simply playing to make you an expert at pinball. Special thanks to
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  1. I'm trying to be good at Visual Pinball X. There are not many real tables out here and the ones that exist are part of over expensive "swipe card" arcade venues. The times when one could find a pinball in every cafe, sports club or bar is long gone unfortunately. The digital versions are the next best thing I guess, better for the wallet :), but probably not the same as the real thing. The real tables that I have the fondest memories of are The Flintstones and Star Trek The Next Generation. In between classes at university we played these tables in our favorite bar over a cool glass of ice tea (and at times a cold beer, in Belgium we could drink moderately from age 16 ). Best times of my life! Just now, at age 46 , I made my own mini virtual pinball to enjoy it with my young son.

  2. I mastered everything you just said when I was 13. I'm 56 now. Back in the70's they had the real machines. Brings back memories. Just the art ofnudging as you call it, that was a science. Ball control with your flipper,took years to master. Just like playing pool. Pinball was more intoxicating.I remember when they went digital scoring. I didn't like it. I love thesound of the numbers rolling. Lost art.

  3. "Read the instructions" wow…wouldn't have figured that one out without BEING TOLD…basically all these tips are intuitive…no explanation needed…so…good video eh…!

  4. I already know all of these secrets, and I'm still terrible at pinball. i get better scores just mashing the flippers like an angry child.

  5. I've worked on Arcade pieces since '79,suppose it kinda cramped my playing style because rather than just play it I play them to look for defects to fix.

  6. jesus christ, im not a professional pinball player but even i knew that, thanks fro wasting 4 minutes of my life, by god i beg u rename ur video properly "useless videos of dead obvious pinball tips for morons"


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