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In this new episode of Tobuscus Animated Adventures, Tobuscus and Gabuscus take on their manliest adventure ever – a Manventure. After the always-bored, adventure-seeking Tobuscus naively destroys a Dr Pepper semi truck on a secret mission of lunar termination, president Obama teams up with Dr Pepper to award the Buscus duo with the most epic, masculine, sponsored adventure ever. Complete with a zip line ride, explosions, and a special appearance by little Tim Tim, this adventure is sure to quench Tobuscus’ boredom for good. Or maybe for like, 5 minutes.

Help out with a lot ($10,000), a little ($5) or even with just the cost of tomorrow’s coffee ($10,000).

Tobuscus Adventures, the hit YouTube animated series, is back in a new episode pushing an IndieGoGo campaign that will launch a game filled with all your favorite Tobuscus animated characters from Gryphon, to some special surprises. Just remember: If you don’t help fund this zombie game, then real-life zombies will actually take over the world.

Each level of donation will come with a different perk like [insert an example of a cool perk], [insert another cool perk] or even [insert a lamer perk than the previous two]!

Thank you for donating, thank you for all your support, but above all, thank you for watching these Tobuscus animation videos, as without you, not only would we not be able to do this, but Gabuscus would be out on the street. He said not to say that.

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Outro Music “Gimme That” by DJ Alex S.
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Obama vocals provided by Iman Crosson aka Alphacat. Check out his channel:

Original Character Design by Gonzalo Villagomez (Gonzo doesn’t have time to animate anymore – but check out his awesome content!)
Gabuscus – Gabe Hohreiter |
Animation by Stephanie Throssell & Talia Ellis
Additional Animation by Rafaella Nepales
Colors by Britta Souhrada


© 2013 Tobuscus


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  1. When I was younger (5 years ago) me and my friend would memorize the dialogue in these videos, and then act them out. Rewatching these just brings back some good memories

  2. This one was my favorite Tobuscus adventure XD Its still is. 2:15 This part makes me laugh most for some reason XD


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