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The Toxic Avenger, ‘Toxie’ for short, is the brainchild of Lloyd Kaufman of Troma Entertainment, who created ‘The Toxic Avenger’ series, ‘Tromeo and Juliet’, and ‘Class of Nuke Em’ High’. It was low-brow, over the top, violent, and shameless; the stuff of B-movie legends that made ‘The Toxic Avenger’ a cult classic. Until one day, Toxie decided to premier in a children’s cartoon called ‘The Toxic Crusaders’. To appeal to the children, he had to tone down the violence while putting an environmental message similar to ‘Captain Planet’. What could be more toxic than ‘The Toxic Crusaders’? How about creating a series of games that’s so toxic, it requires TWO reviewers to clean-up this monstrosity! This is AVGN Episode 111

As a special treat from AVGN, Lloyd Kaufman makes a special appearance for this review!

Wanna support ‘The Toxic Avenger’, Lloyd Kaufman, and the Troma team? Check out their site at:

Bonus: Here’s a interview of Lloyd Kaufman from AVGN himself:

Also, special thanks to Lloyd Kaufman and the Troma team!

Lloyd filming his parts in the DLC of the game “The Gunstringer”

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The Toxic Crusaders Episode 10 : The Snail Must Go Through!


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  1. One of the few shitty AVGN episodes, probably the worst (other then most of the 'screenwave' produced recent ones)

  2. I don’t hate this episode like everyone else. I guess you can call this my “guilty pleasure”. Everyone is complaining about Lloyd “overacting” or whatever, but I personally like it sometimes when actors overact. That’s why I like Nicolas Cage

  3. Lloyd Kaufman, Gilbert Gottfried, and Kyle Justin are the only people who managed to not only match the nerd's energy but completely steal the show from the Nerd.

  4. 4:29 the nerd's smile ALWAYS makes my day; thank you nerd for 10 years of incredible ASSSSSSSS-Suckage and total FUCK-Nuggets – P.S the NES version was made by "Bandai"! Yes! Bandai! The Same people who made Anime games Bandai!

  5. Lloyd Kaufman is a real piece of human garbage. He's a disgusting old man that should never be viewed or heard in public. I have no words to describe the vile hatred I have for anything he represents. I like to think people are inherently good but, he is a creature of pure evil and malice. God save his soul if he has one. He diminishes the human race as a whole and should be euthanized to prevent future generations from his corruptible nature.

  6. We have started work on Toxic crusaders fan game. Its about time there was a fun and playable version ! check our vids for progress.

  7. I was a big fan of Toxic Avenger and other Troma films in my younger years. It's awesome to see Kaufman on an episode of AVGN!

  8. This is what happens when you're mind stays the same but the body gets older lol Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to go listen to the Toxic Avenger song by The Dickies and start a pit in the living room while my mom watches Little House on the prairie.

  9. That dude made very weird movies but I love return to nuke em high volume 1 I really do but it’s like I need to watch it on acid

  10. Lloud Kaufman is like that one guy's grandpa that's so senile, he's developed an entirely new personality and still has the same stories, but can never remember the exact details.

  11. Troma must be so proud of this episode! And Lloyd Kaufman is hilarious and somehow adorable in the weirdest way possible. Great video!🖤

  12. 14:05 Toxic Guy Takes A Dump 14:16 AVGN Throws Up
    14:26 Toxic Guy Says Hello Teach You You [deleted] Game
    When I Play Unfitting Music
    DJ Pon-3 Vol 2 I Gave My Heart
    Hasbro Productions
    Funny LOL And I Had Baked Beans For Dinner You Weren't [deleted] You [deleted] Game
    Play Some DJ Freestyle Cassette And CD Well Here It Comes
    (Toxic Guy Takes A Dump AVGN Throws Up)
    (Plays Freestyle Or Seamusica Music)

  13. Nerd: “What’s with the clouds?”

    Kaufman: “Please, leave my personal life out of this”

    🤣😂 That shit was too fucking hilarious.


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