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Cheap and cheerful city cars are everywhere nowadays – the Volkswagen Up, the Hyundai i10, the Fiat 500. But what of the Toyota Aygo?

Aimed at offering affordable and reliable motoring, with some funky ‘X marks the spot’ styling thrown in for good measure, the Aygo’s appeal spans across the board, from younger to older motorists.

But what would make you choose the Aygo? We put the little Toyota to the test in its vibrant Yellow Fizz paint job to see if it has what it takes to tangle with the city car market big guns.

In this review, we take an in-depth look at the interior of the Toyota Aygo including its boot size, dashboard and back seats. We then run through performance, price and finish up with the all-important verdict – is the Toyota Aygo a good car?

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  1. My daughter go one 2 mths ago as her first car. I have driven it quite a bit, I'm impressed. It's a 15 plate. I can do 130km on motorway, if I want but the speed limit is 120kph. It's white. My daughter loves it. Only thing was, it did'nt come with a spare wheel or a jack !! Not good. Though I have a new Suzuki Baleno and that did'nt come with spare wheel or jack either.

  2. I largely agree with this wee test. It isn't sporty, but nor is it boring. I've gone for a Citroën C1 though to get a roll back roof. It's still a Toyota though…

  3. A lot of wind and road noise ? I test drove one the other day and it was quiet and refined at 70, so not sure why he thinks its noisy.

  4. My first Aygo was a second hand one and has been with us 7 years.
    Little boot? Do not think so. We use it as a family car. The four of us have gone camping for two weeks and I was able to load camping table with 4 sits, 2 comfy camping armchairs, a big tent with 2 dorms (6 people tent) and middle central social ára, the 4 sleeping bags, blankets, clothes, food, electric fridge, etc…
    You must know how to fill the space and still keep the comfort and the space for the occupants. Neighbors couldn't believe it but I did it. I little of old Tetris practice and… Voilà!
    My husband never, ever argue with me anymore when I say there is space to place something in the car or in a room. 😉
    Today Sep 2019 we are getting a brand new Toyota Aygo. I'm going to miss the old one which still has lots of adventures to offer even being more10 years old and never had anything serious. But my husband keeps telling me it will fail badly soon. I'm sad but C'est la vie!

  5. Mine is 9 years old now and has never failed an mot, the levels of all the lubricants are the same as the day I got it also, amazing little car.

  6. Generally automated manual boxes are best avoided.The have tendency to be jerky changing gears.Stick to a torque converter (i10 for example) or a dual clutch automatic.


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