Triangle Head is here! || SILENT HILL Chapter for Dead by Daylight (Gameplay)

❱❱ The new chapter in Dead by Daylight is Silent Hill! I loved playing as Lisa Garland she is my absolute favourite. Next up is playing as Pyramid Head… eek…


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♬ AHS:1984 Closing Theme (Outro)
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► I play on Xbox One
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Top 4 BEST Survivor Perks | Dead By Daylight:
Meeting The Man of my Dreams | Outlast: Whistleblower (PART 2):
i tried playing as The Oni…i failed (Dead By Daylight):

want a throwback? click this link… (

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  1. You should play silent hillbut it’s gonna be hard to play like the first ones to a.k.a. the good ones because they’re on like PS2


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