Trying To Wake Up Every Monday | Life Is A Game


Finding it tough to get started for the week? A little tired after a long weekend? It’s not an attitude; it’s a cat-titude. Share if you know someone with a case of the Mondays!

As catlovers, we at Friskies believe that “life is a game cats play better,” and we will be proving it to you with weekly episodes. Make sure to subscribe to follow along!

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Voice Over Credits:
Sleeping Cat #1: Yuri Baranovsky
Yawning Cat, Tabby Cat, and Sleeping Cat #2: Daniela DiIorio
Couch Cat: Justin Morrison


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  1. Instead of making the bleeping sound in the place of a curse word, you should have a meow sound instead

  2. Well so i saw a purina add that said purina is healthy for your cat or dog and i though i would come right on over here to let you people know that purina is one of the worst foods you can feed your animal. Can you imagine your cat or dog running around eating rice oatmeal and corn? No! Because thats not what they are meant to eat. Purina puts fillers in their food so they dont have to spend as much making a quality meal for your cat or dog. Instead pet owners should find food that has proteins without any grains since that is what they were MEANT the eat.

    Hate these youtube commercials so i though i would go say something about it.

  3. These videos would be so much better without the voice overs! The cat's body language speaks plenty 🙂 Otherwise, I think it's a cool concept.


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