Unreal Tournament 3 Longplay Walkthrough "Insane" 1080p PART 1


Unreal Tournament 3 Black Edition HD 1080p playthrough / walkthrough / longplay / gameplay of the full single player campaign in two parts. Played on “Insane” difficulty. Part 1 of 2. If you wish to see the same playthrough in 1440p, but in many parts, check out this playlist:

Difficulty rating 7/10:

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  1. UT99, UT 2K3 and UT 2K4 were by far better.
    Better level design, better gameplay, physic smoother, and Tech arts way way way betters.

    I'm a huge fan of the serie and I didn't like this one… at all.

  2. Man I couldn't even beat Jester on insane. So I just played on hard. And Akasha on normal is fucking cancer. You people are not normal man.

  3. 2019 and still play this on my 360! Such a good game. I've smashed insane campaign solo, wasn't a very fun experience! Slightly stressed and maybe went through a couple of controllers but actually completing the game solo insane, I was happy once over!

  4. so sad, that this game didnt had succes. i loved the 2 to 3 hour long warfare gameplay. the fun was insane. never had this kind of fun in a game again


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