Unreal Tournament 3 Longplay Walkthrough "Insane" 1080p PART 1

Unreal Tournament 3 Black Edition HD 1080p playthrough / walkthrough / longplay / gameplay of the full single player campaign in two parts. Played on “Insane” difficulty. Part 1 of 2. If you wish to see the same playthrough in 1440p, but in many parts, check out this playlist:

Difficulty rating 7/10:

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17 thoughts on “Unreal Tournament 3 Longplay Walkthrough "Insane" 1080p PART 1”

  1. UT99, UT 2K3 and UT 2K4 were by far better.
    Better level design, better gameplay, physic smoother, and Tech arts way way way betters.

    I'm a huge fan of the serie and I didn't like this one… at all.

  2. Man I couldn't even beat Jester on insane. So I just played on hard. And Akasha on normal is fucking cancer. You people are not normal man.

  3. 2019 and still play this on my 360! Such a good game. I've smashed insane campaign solo, wasn't a very fun experience! Slightly stressed and maybe went through a couple of controllers but actually completing the game solo insane, I was happy once over!

  4. so sad, that this game didnt had succes. i loved the 2 to 3 hour long warfare gameplay. the fun was insane. never had this kind of fun in a game again


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