Unreal Tournament 3 PC Game Review


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Unreal Tournament 3 (UT3) is a first-person shooter and online multiplayer video game developed by Epic Games and published by Midway Games in the Unreal series. It was released for Microsoft Windows on November 19, 2007, for the PlayStation 3 on December 11, 2007, and for the Xbox 360 on July 3, 2008. Unreal Tournament 3 is the fourth game in the Unreal Tournament series and the eighth Unreal game, but is numbered in terms of the engine it runs on.

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  1. despite being the weakest in the series gameplay and content wise, it’s still my personal favourite out of the entire series. I just love it’s presentation down to the artstyle (excluding the character models) and its sound design. I just love the whole urban/asian/gothic blend to the environments

  2. UT3 feels kinda Slow compared to other Entries in the Series or Games like Quake 3.
    I would only recommend UT2k4, for me the best: Many Modes, Vehicles and a great Mod Support inclusive Models.

  3. Unreal 3 was when Epic stopped caring about building a good game for the franchise and only cared about selling their 3D Unreal engine. Cliff B. already stopped caring about the series and was happy to move on to Gears of War. Epic games also declared that PC gaming was dead. And they wanted to primarily focus on Consoles.

    And it's no surprise that when they got lucky and hit it big with Fortnite, Epic games abandoned their Unreal reboot project.

  4. UT99 : the maps, the AI, the weapons, multiplayer, the late 90s house / electronic music soundtrack. No debate on the best UT of all time

  5. I remember being pretty excited about UT3 because the graphics were really promising. But UT2004 is the best for me.

  6. UT3 was an amazing game, people didn't appreciate it enough, instead were playing other games that were not nearly as good, because most "gamers" are casuals and would rather play 5-10 minutes of brainless COD or Gears, than put tine into playing an Arena shooter which was much more demanding. UT became the most evolved game in Arena shooters, having not only the classic death match modes and CTF, but adding vehicles and becoming something more. I mean its the same today, people showed no interest in UT4, instead Fornite blew up and Pubg, two games you play twice and already know the whole game, Epic realized nobody cared about arena shooters anymore and for this reason UT4 was cancelled. I really dont understand the complaint against vehicles in UT04 and UT3, they were in separate modes from classic, how is that a con? Anyways, to me, it wasn't Epic that gave up on the genre and the franchise, it was "gamers." Same shit heads today playing boring crap like Destiny or Overwatch, I guess the only true gaming community left is Halo and single player. I'll be waiting for Halo 5 and Ghost of Tsushima.

  7. is that in reality it would not be an "unreal tournament" but rather the war against the necris when they first arrive on earth, UT2004 if it is a tournament like UT1, this is how it would be … UT3 then UT2 and then the UT2004 and UT1 tournaments would also be the champions if you look at history, what I am saying is that it is not a UT, it is something that speaks of war.

  8. Altough i loved it, my biggest problem with the game was the weird color filter. Sometimes the game was all blue. It looked almost like a colorgraded movie. The graphics also weren't really sharp. It had the weirdest graphics i've ever seen, like it was not done yet. Too bad really enjoyable game though.

  9. The first review I feel you've really missed the mark.
    This had absolutely PHENOMENAL one-on-one play, an incredibly difficult balance to get right and this is up there with Quake Live. Some of the environmental features on the maps such as sandstorms were an awesome idea, and the vehicular combat is just amazing fun. I mean piloting War Of The Worlds walkers? And the glue cube power up that slowed down time inside? Perhaps it's more nostalgia but this was a highly polished, brilliantly balanced game that will always hold a place in my heart.
    edit: I honestly don't think a good review of a UT game owes any screen time to single player or bot based play as you mention yourself – only chumps play solo.

  10. You didn't cover the borderline incestuous relationship you have with your sister in the game. Basically she xposition dumps while trying to get into your pants when you first encounter her.

  11. Considering the attempted focus on story, this should've been called Unreal Championship 3 instead of Unreal Tournament 3.

  12. The reason why UT3 shipped with so little compared to the last games is because Epic had a "less is more" approach this time around. They wanted to take only the things that were successful (the original weapons and gamemodes + UT2004's Onslaught mode and VCTF) and try to refine it as much as possible. They really wanted to go for quality, so ironically what seems sloppy might be more due to overengineering than a lack thereof. Everything about UT3 is a reaction to the criticism of UT2004 and an attempt to fix it. EG:
    – "UT04 players are spread out too thin between too many gamemodes" = truncate the less played modes and merge bombing run with onslaught to make warfare
    – "UT04 is too colorful and cartoony, UT99 was dark and gritty" = we get the gears of tournament grey and brown art-style
    – "Bring back the Stinger!" = Stinger replaces minigun. People also wanted the ripper but for some reason the devs refused to add that one
    – "Lightning gun is ghey/Shield gun is ghey/Assault rifle is ghey" = Sniper rifle, impact hammer and Enforcer all return
    – "I hate the arcadey shield and health icons!" = Shield is changed back to armor and we get the UT99 Armor indicator back
    – "Wheres my Necris?" = An entire plotline, new characters, new maps and new vehicles added entirely around the Necris
    – "The Scorpion is useless!" = That particular vehicle gets a complete rework
    – "WEAPON BALANCE REE" = The weapon balance more closely mimics UT99 now, except without the ripper or a 6-barrel rocket launcher because that would be OvErPoWeReD

    Though I don't understand why they dropped the tournament plotline for something more Gears-ish. That can probably be chalked up to Epic forgetting what game they were making. In any case, they really tried to appease the original UT99 players and make "UT99 with better graphics" moreso than a new game. This pleased some of the original fans, and gave us an FPS DM game with pretty solid weapon balance and controls (having played both UT3 and UT2004 I do think the weapon balance and gameplay of UT3 works better), but at the end of the day having a remaster of UT99 was only entertaining for so long and while I enjoyed UT2004 and UT99 for years, I was finished with UT3 after a month. It's kinda sad. I think UT3 deserved better

    I also disagree about UT3 being the weakest in the series. That award goes to UT2003. The fact that you forget about UT2003 is proof of that.

  13. I understood the hate for UT3 back then since many people didn't have machines that could run it. But this hatred is uncalled for. Most of these complaints would fall on a TRUE UT Fan's deaf ears.

  14. i HATED the art direction in UT3, why they went with the "everything is gray/blue" and organic look really was a step back from the clean, colorful, mechanical look of 2004

  15. A lot of steps backwards for a UT game. I felt the game was rushed. The amount of factions is laughable. The poor layout on some maps particularly ctf, nothing like killing a bunch of bots so they can respawn right next to the flag giving you 0 breathing room to escape.

  16. I was watching a video with the history of ID, especially the quake series, and the guy mentioned that the publishers weren't happy with them releasing Quake 3 arena that required a 3d graphics card when the first unreal tournament didn't need a graphics card (and therefore was more compatible with more systems on the market at the time of release).

  17. What about Ripper thick cock ? Its a fierce name who strikes fear into enemies soul and shrink their little hearts

  18. You should have a look at Unreal Championship 2 for the og Xbox. You can play it on the Xbox one with a disc as well.

  19. I've been playing FPS since 1994, and I still play UT99 (since 2000) and UT3 (since 2008), both are great games. I would say they are still today more complex (moves as dodges, double jump, Impact jump, primary and secondy shoot, etc.) and hardcore (fast paced, you need more reflex, etc.) than any other FPS (Overwatch, Halo, etc.).

  20. Why do people count this as the 3rd Unreal Tournament game, it's the 4th. Unreal Tournament, Unreal Tournament 2003, Unreal Tournament 2004 and Unreal Tournament 3. It's like no one remembers Unreal Tournament 2003.

  21. i can't create new profile, that means i can't login, that means i can't progress in campaign, THAT means playing this game POINTLESS


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