Until I Have You game: Futuristic mouse-controlled platformer (beta demo gameplay)


A Blade Runner-inspired platform game that’s controlled with the mouse? Beating Until I Have You is going to be tough!
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Until I Have You is a pixel art platformer/shooter with all the right inspirations: the developers mention Blade Runner, Brazil, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Hotline Miami and Strider. It’s slated for release in 2016 but you can play a beta demo now and get a feel for the immersive storytelling as well as the frantic action.

In this video of the Until I Have You beta demo, we tackle the first mission, learning how to use the mouse to control our character (he chases the red spot like a cat!) and eventually taking on and defeating the boss.

Future versions of Until I Have You promise other methods of control, but here it’s mouse only (with a little optional help from the keyboard). It takes a while to feel you’re in control, but once you get the hang of it you can pull off some amazing sequences of “how the hell did I manage that?!”

As the devs say, “cinematic cutscenes, grandiose boss fights, innovative controls, replayability, all that you love about platformers is there.”

Until I Have You game version: beta demo
Platform played: PC / Windows
Developed by: James Spanos & Andrea Ferrara
Official site:
Free download:

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  1. yup that's the way mega man went for me back in the day, then you get used to it, using the mouse like that for a 2d jump'n shoot is unique.


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