Updates for February 2016 – Alphacat Rant


Later than usual monthly update video. Talking about the launch of Alphacat and KI in general.

First Garden Warfare 2 video:

Latest Roblox video:

Alphacat video:

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  1. if anyone wanna trade accounts… with me… i have 110 storm..just wanted to do more quest i also have a membership 12 month… but not going first i am looking for a Lvl50+

  2. can you please tell me how to turn off friend requests i keep getting random requests its really annoying so i would really love for you to tell me if you can thanks

  3. There is another game, mobile game, I think it's called wizard blox. You can like win some codes for old wand codes like some cool ones like blue raptor but it's really hard to go up to that level

  4. you should seriously try grub guardian even if it's old it's pretty good for a tower defence game with all the wizard101 characters

  5. The couple of years I've been watching you, I had no idea you were from Nebraska. I can finally say my state has someone YouTube famous!

  6. On the passing subject of Arizona weather, we do have winters, but they usually are in the 90s and 80s. Back when I lived there, (I moved a year and a half ago) I remember the summer once reached 118 degrees. It was hell.

  7. If they don't update grub guardian and wizardblox, their first mobile games, why would I trust them to make and maintain these new ones? The newer apps suck anyway. I'm sad I spent money on grub guardian it had lots of potential and…. they let it die.

  8. In some of the bought areas in grub guardian, you can get mounts and card packs. There is an entire wiki with what prizes come from what area.

  9. dude if you want subjects from ki to talk about, do a video for the powers feisty oranges friends found in the pirate101 code.

  10. Grub guardian needs to be a series, I also suggest putting a few crowns in the game for the star and avalon towers. You can ignore sun and moon

  11. I see so much potential in KI's art style for their games. Come on KI, I foresee something AMAZING in your future. Wizard is cool and all, but I see something grand and fresh and new!

  12. I'm honestly not agreeing too much with the whole push for mobile games because the mobile game rush was a couple years ago, and now they're getting into it.

  13. KingsIsle should make a Wizard101 mobile app version for iPhone/Android. Lot of people say it's difficult and impossible but everything's possible. Another thing is space but I honestly don't think it would take up a lot of space. KingsIsle should check out Pocket Legends which is a MMORPG like Wizard101 but for mobile devices. Please KingsIsle you need to make this happen soon. Thanks! 🙂

  14. The fact that they're putting resources into Alphacat means that there's less resources being put into their core games. I'm personally not a fan.


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