Virtual Pub Quiz Live – Week 2, #withme #stayhome


The live stream replay from Week 2!
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A lot of people have asked for us to set up a JustGiving page so here it is, but please read the story on there first

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Stay Safe



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  1. Just found this and will catch up on You Tube. I am a great fan of British quizzes, although I live in Washington State, USA.

  2. If your watching this at a later date how do we find out the answers? You only provide answers for the last 2 sections?! I’ve just done the quiz for nothing 🙄🤷‍♀️

  3. 37:08 I know this is pedantic but he was actually called "jumpman" in Donkey Kong, he was first christened "Mario" in Donkey Kong Junior. Also it's just Mario, not Super Mario. Super Mario is the title of a series in the franchise, not a character.

  4. You are fab! Thank you for doing something really enjoyable. After rehearsing and playing in our band, our second favourite thing is a pub quiz. Keep it going, we're massive fans now. x

  5. That was great! We got 33/50. Our computer doesn't link to our TV so we're watching you from the sofa with the laptop propped up on the ironing board. Works a treat!

  6. We all enjoyed this again. Improved our score from 27 last week to 39 this week. Astoundingly 10/10 for the sports section which is amazing for us. Thanks for doing this.


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