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Next in the specialist series of quizzes, Technology!
Let me know how you get on #jaysvirtualpubquiz

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  1. "What software do non-Apple devices use"?! My TV is non-Apple, so is my toaster, what software do they use? If you are inferring a product similar to Apples, I would say there are more Windows based computers (and Apple has been making computers for longer than phones) than macOS Computers, so the answer is "Windows" surely?

  2. I suppose I was bound to get a good score on this one – 9/10. Couldn't even have a half point for E-Bay as I was miles out. I think it's named after East Bay in San Francisco?

  3. Loved this, could you possibly please do a music quiz and a friends quiz? Keep these up, they keep us so entertained!


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