VR Party Game – Ruckus Ridge


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Watch us try to take down the player in VR! Who will get kissed??


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  1. Why didint they show the VR person's view? Is it some sort of recording restriction where you can only record the controller players or something?

  2. I'm surprised that a tiny basic visual effect like dynamic shadows that is almost necessary in this game is missing?!

  3. why does everybody compare collections of small games with mario party? mario party is a typical board game with a nintendo spin, wouldn't wario ware or something be more apt?

  4. I understood you guys at Node couldn't record the headset view through software, will a pass-through external recorder like an Elgato limit framerate on its pass-through feed to the headset/monitor?

  5. They said at the beginning that because of how the game sends different video directly to the headset and screen they cant record the VR perspective. Thats why there is no VR view.

  6. Stop with the vr. I know it's exciting, but it's most of what you play now. I would really appreciate if you went back to fps and other genres. Maybe play vr twice a month.

  7. Hey Node, check out "Dead by Daylight" a coop survival horror game in which 4 survivors need to work together, or every man for himself, to finish a set of objectives to have an opportunity of escaping a killers domain. At the same time, the 5th player takes role of the killer and hunt down all the survivors. Dead by Daylight will be released on Steam on June 14th


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