YOU CAN FLY FOREVER | Ruckus End Times Paladins Gameplay


I figured with Ruckus during the Quick cast, I could probably fly a lot. BUT INFINITE FLIGHT? Most fun I’ve had with ruckus in a while.
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  1. Clicked on the banner thinking they finally buffed Ruckus, but instead see you playing that stupid mode. Ah well, back to Apex Legends, hopefully they fix this game one day.

  2. I was having a rough day (people i thought who were good friends lying about me and to me) and this video really cheered me up. Thanks! Keep it up. Love u man

  3. Haha i also experience a bug with ultimate. When i play Imani i can use my ult infinity when ult in the mode ultimate engine and make it through another mode your ult keep generate so i pretty much become the dragon the whole game :)) and it really work cuz i try it few time

  4. For ruckus i use his newest skin, since the Q doesnt actually take up your screen and use the weapons of the star slayer skin.


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