Your brain on video games | Daphne Bavelier


How do fast-paced video games affect the brain? Step into the lab with cognitive researcher Daphne Bavelier to hear surprising news about how video games, even action-packed shooter games, can help us learn, focus and, fascinatingly, multitask.

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  1. She has to be the best mom ever! Instead of telling us to get off video games and go outside, she is telling us to come inside and get on video games!

  2. Opened this video just to say “ok boomer” and I’m not watching it ‘cause she will probably say things like “too many hours is bad” or “you should moderate how much you play”

  3. One of the things often overlooked here is that games are art. Playing a video game is similar to just being in an interactive art exhibit. Just like visual arts, a video game portrays an idea through motion and input.

  4. Gaming ha served as the basis for my life for God-knows how many years. Being born with rather severe autism if it wasn't managed well, one of my very first tools was video games. Particularly, faster-paced games such as racers and platformers, since I was very young, in the PS2 era (The Golden Age, to me) is what allowed me to build the hand-eye coordination needed for everyday survival. As if that wasn't enough, my retinas are flat/disfigured, so while I lack peripheral vision, I also have astigmatism (yes, won the genetic lottery, I know.) in my right eye. This has been getting progressively better since I was 9, guess what, that's the time I started playing a lot of games. My optometrist even said, when I told him I played a lot of games, to keep doing that, because it was improving my eyesight.

    In moderation, gaming can be one of the best things someone has ever done, with health benefits that extend beyond the physical. My problem-solving skills have improved, and gaming has fostered my creativity, so say the least. The reasoned and well-structured argument on display here is a much-needed and very welcome break from the media narrative which seeks to vilify gamers and video-games entirely, completely foregoing the positive implications.

  5. I was thinking about similar recently and made something on here about societies addiction to screens. To see it just type in search bar above the following title….'Addicted to a screen'

  6. You have done a great and deep research and it is 100% true what she said. I started playing video games at the age of 12 and I’m still playing which is more advanced gaming stil at the age of 38. I’m very much happy and successful person in with my family life , education and my job. Everything depends on how you manage your things in positive way.

  7. I would also like to comment that after playing Just Cause 3 with the wing suit upgrade. My dreams went from, never being able to fly once you realise you are in a dream, to always been able to fly around no matter what.
    I would say i have great dreams now =) lol

  8. I am sorry, you lost me at 600 million hours, that not one person. If we count all the time of all humans how long a game is that??

  9. What if the good ingredients is the fun aspect? I "wasted" my childhood and teenage years on RPG games, wish they do similar study for RPG type of games.

  10. Video games has made me friends that I hope to one day meet in real life. Also has made me more comfortable talking to people sometimes. By no means am i an extrovert but it's helped me get better at talking. Im still akward but its helped me to where I can comfortably conversate with people if they ask or say something.

  11. “Games are good for you in moderation.” In the last two weeks I’ve put at least 40- 60 hours into steam alone…

  12. solve this phenomenon Doctor. I am 68 years old but I can still kick butt on far cry new dawn and I generally smoke marijuana every day.

  13. fun fact:she is a gamer and a scientist and she is saving us because she is our saviour 🙂 say ty to her

  14. I recognize: i play video games from 97 when i was 13 and i play everyday when i can,mostly FPS.I'm a maniac cuz i can't live without games,even on my cell phone i play a game when i'm in bed …before i fall asleep.In those years i live my life normaly,video games didn't change my life in a bad way,its just a lifestyle for me,another world,a hobby.I will not blame a boy or a girl if he/she play a game for more then 5-9h in the week-end.You must make and understand the difference between a virtual life and a real life,first of all get a job or go to school,eat,sleep,rest and play but don't get addicted to a game….its just a game.

  15. Wish she had done some problem solving studies to really show where the gamers shine, but okay, good enough for 2012 I guess.

  16. First I thought this video would be full of negative effects of gaming on the brain.
    well well well.. you know what time is it?
    Call of Duty TAAAAAAAAM!


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