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One Piece Episode 930 & 931 | Roronoa Zoro Full Power | HD

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Zoron Vs. Mihawk full fight
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ワンピース 979 ー日本語のフル | one piece 979
One Piece Opening 22 – “Super Powers”

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▼Song: RISE (ft. The Glitch Mob, Mako, and The Word Alive) | Worlds 2018 – League of Legends


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  1. İ hope when zoros gonna fight mihawk hes gonna say somwthing like this Captain, remember my promise. This will be my last fight OR the fight of a new GREATEST SWORDSMAN!!!

  2. Map map fruit with all jokrs aside is what he should eat like it mskes him not only better at not getting lost but he can see enemy from far on a metal map or something like tht


    He will get a new sword and give away Shusui because it’s a national treasure to Wano. He will get a very powerful sword called Enma, one of the 21 grade sword. This was originally Oden’s sword. It apparently has gave Kaido a big scar.

  4. You can also call it NEW POWER but zoro will not obtain any devil fruit. He will obtain new power but i will not tell you guys😜 dont wanna spoil😁


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